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What are the consequences if we ignore Allergic Rhinitis for a long period of time?

Lots of the people who live in Hong Kong and those high population cities, are suffering from allergic rhinitis. But, as it does not directly cause any life threatening, most of them would tend to ignore it. And visit doctor when its started affecting our living life, work, and even breathing. As researched, 1 in every 3 people are suffering from it. Most people thought that those who are suffering from both sneezing and nose blockage would only count as a patient in allergic rhinitis, but actually it's not. Anyone who suffers from one of the symptoms, sneezing and nose blockage, will be considered as a patient of the disease.

Allergic rhinitis could cause serious harm if immediate treatment hasn't taken:

  1. Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome: The nasal cavity is blocked by liquid, which caused nose blockage and breathing difficulties, and even suffocation. It will also lead to obstructive sleep apnea in a serious state.

  2. Cardiovascular Disease: Not enough oxygen while sleeping may cause cerebral infarction, sudden heart attack, etc. It may even increase the probability in getting sudden death.

  3. Bronchial Asthma: allergic rhinitis may eliminate the function of defensive system of the human body, and attack bronchus, chest and belly.

  4. Allergic Sinusitis: Edema of sinus mucosa would cause nose blockage.

  5. Otitis Media with Effusion: Edema of the larynx would cause middle ear exudate.

  6. Allergic Pharyngitis: It will cause tickling throat and cough, and even edema of vocal folds mucous membrane and difficult to breath.

  7. Nasal Polyp: Nasal cavity blockage would cause breathing difficulties.

  8. Nose Bleeding: Mostly caused by kneading, and damaged the nasal mucosa.

  9. Smelling problem: Affected nasal mucosal edema and nasal cavity would damaged the olfactory nerve.

  10. Sleepless: Long term nose blockage would lead to not enough sleep, and causing depression and lack of concentration.

  11. Nasopharyngeal Cancer: As researched, around 90% of patients were caused by long, untreated and serious rhinitis. There are 4000 people died daily from all diseases which are caused by rhinitis.

So, sufferers should seek treatment at their earlier stage of allergic rhinitis. There may be serious consequences if appropriate treatments are delayed.

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